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Please note, Game-iToba is a voulenteer event and of course things do come up, events may be rescheduled or cancelled at short notice, we will try to notify you by email should that be the case but it may not be possible.

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Friday: 1 (18:30), 2 (20:30), 3 (22:30).
Saturday: 4 (9:30), 5 (11:30), 6 (13:30), 7 (15:30) mini-slot, 8 (16:30), 9 (18:30), 10 (20:30), 11 (22:30).
Sunday: 12 (9:30), 13 (11:30), 14 (13:30).

Slot Game Name Spaces? Location GM
9-14 Bolt Action3 spacesS1Steven Hunnie
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12-13 Arcane Dominion5 spacesG25/G26Chris Penner
Local Designer Arcane Dominion is a high fantasy RPG system that was designed to incorporate 3 distinct features:
1. Specialized equipment with highly detailed mechanics to support a range of weapons from traditional swords to firearms and clockwork robots.
2. A magic system encompassing 18 different schools and hundreds of spells.
3. Encouraging players to cross class, and rewarding them for doing so by having unique new classes for each combination.
The goal is to create as unique and customizable of characters and abilities as possible.
12Casual Gaming with Ai-KonDrop-InGR40Ai-Kon
Come join Ai-Kon for drop-in gaming and learn a little more about their convention.
12Family Fun Games!FullG19Q4ia
Join Q4ia, (new local game designer) for a slot full of fun Family Friendly games, including:
Exploding Kittens
Dungeon Raiders by Phil Walker Harding
Kingdomino by Blue Orange Games
Pixel Planes by Q4ia (a fast and furious, 3-6 player, real-time, family friendly card game)
Also please try our prototype of Thrust!
All of our games are family friendly, and will be available to play.
12Pathfinder/ Starfinder Quests Table3 spacesH5PFS
Check out the Publishers website! Check out the Publishers website!
12Valor & Villainy - Antagonists ArsenalFullG01James
Local Designer 1-6 Heroes Work together to try to foil the schemes of evil wizard Mordak in this brand new cooperative expansion for Minions of Mordak.
12-14 1822CAFullH2Warren
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12Cyclades2 spacesH6Mike H
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12D&D - The Darkness Of The Mountains (CCC-GARY-04)FullR5Shayne
In the shadow of the Galena Mountains, outside the Glumpen forest, the scars of the ancient war with the kingdom of the Witch King still lay fresh and exposed to the night air. A trade route between the regions of Vaasa and Damara have, through the years, created a crossroads at Aetherglen. The people who live there have an abiding honor for their dead, and the graveyards are shrines to their forebears. As you pass through, however, you are waylaid by a mysterious man who tells you that the dead are restless, and something worse may be stirring ?neath the huge Gulthias trees of the forest. Please bring a tier 1 character (1 - 4), your dice and miniature (if you have one) Pre-generated characters are also available.
12-13 Dungeon WorldFullR1Lee
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12-14 Eldritch Horror with all expansions2 spacesG29/G30Joey
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12-13 Hammerheads3 spacesR3Miriam
Hammerheads is set in the near future when the world is besieged by the ravages of climate change, corporate catastrophe, and crisis. You play a Hammerhead agent, recruited from the ranks of first responders, the military, and the scientific community to join this elite global disaster management organization. Only the best and brightest, those individuals who run toward danger rather than run away, are sought out by the mysterious World Crisis Agency to serve. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the mighty High-Altitude Multi-Mission Emergency Response Headquarters?the Hammerheads?you and your team answer the call when nobody else can do it. In a world of disaster, you are the heroes the world needs. Hammerheads runs with the Cortex Prime Roleplaying Game. Check out the Publishers website!
12Kingswood3 spacesH3Cyarra Pelda
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12Paint and Take Clean UpDrop-InG03John Reichel
12Pitch Car3 spacesH4Jason S
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12Tiny TownsFullG09Kirby
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12-13 Tomb of Mercy3 spacesR6DM Lytha
This is an official Kobold Press 8th level one shot dungeon that will seriously challenge players (I have yet to have a group succeed!) That uses special rules such as; Respawning, Mutations and card drawing!
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20 games in this slot, thanks to all of our GMs for making Game-iToba such a great place to try new games

Please note, Game-iToba is a volunteer event and of course things do come up, events may be rescheduled or cancelled at short notice, we will try to notify you by email should that be the case but it may not be possible.

20 total, 9 full (2 drop-in)

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