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Slot Game Name Spaces? Location GM
1-3 Battlestar Galactica FullM1Warren
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1-3 New Angeles3 spacesL1Joey
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2-3 Aperion (aka Fantasy Infinity)5 spacesG35Jeff Heikkinen
Local Designer My love-letter to a certain very famous JRPG series; a fast-paced tabletop RPG that borrows some Eurogame ideas. Runs so fast, we should be able to finish a short adventure and even level up your characters, maybe more than once, in a single four-hour session. Be the first people I don't already game with regularly to try it out!
2-3 Ark NovaFullG08Jodi Craigen
Not for the faint of heart. A great game but more complex. Some similarities to game play as Terraforming Mars but is really a unique game. Would only recommend to players who are advanced to experienced board gamers for the more advanced concepts. Check out BGG
2-3 Battletech 12 spacesS4Adam P
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2-3 Dungeon WorldFullR1Lee
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2-3 Fiasco1 spacesR2GM Narfi
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2-3 Gen7: A Crossroads Game + Breaking PointFullG16Eric
In Gen7, players play the command team of a generation colony ship bound for a star system far from Earth. As they take command of the ship, a terrible mystery emerges that will threaten the entire mission. The commanders of Gen7 are about to discover that everything is not as it seems, and the fate of the human species will hang on the choices they make. In the tradition of the award-winning Dead of Winter, Gen7: A Crossroads Game is a grand narrative game with multiple possibilities. The choices players make as they play will alter the direction of the story. Gen7 will constantly challenge its players with a variety of unique situations that force them to make difficult moral decisions. Will you compromise your integrity to ensure the safety of your crew? Will you value their lives over the safety of the mission? The Breaking Point, an expansion for Gen7: A Crossroads Game, includes more story content, a competitive play mode and more barracks, allowing for games with up to six players. Check out BGG Check out BGG
2-3 Lords of WaterdeepFullG24John Fraser
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2-3 Pax Pamir 2E1 spacesG34Bryton Balzer
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3Attack of the Midnight Martians3 spacesG13GMB Chomichuk
Midnight City: A Danger in the Details is a story game designed and created by award-winning writer/Illustrator and Winnipeger GMB Chomichuk. You will play a pulp-era Weird, a hero in a battle against the encroaching horde of vampires, cultists, martians and mad-science on the edge of a World War. Take up the call of adventure through the rain sodden alleys and shining zeppelin moored spires of Midnight City. Unravel the mystery, but be wary, the danger is in the Details. GMB Chomichuk will be your Narrator as you pick a hero and try to save the day from the thrilling evil that threatens all. Play once or drop in all weekend for the continuing story. Play multiple characters or stick with your favorite. We need you Weird.
3Casual Gaming with Ai-KonDrop-InGR40Ai-Kon
Come join Ai-Kon for drop-in gaming and learn a little more about their convention.
3Dice/Roll & Write Games!1 spacesG19Q4ia
Ready, set, ROLL!
Roll on over and join Q4ia, (new local game designer) for a slot full of fun Dice and Roll & Write games, including:
Rolling Realms by Stonemaier Games
Pirates/Liars Dice
Spell Write & inTENse by Q4ia
Spell Write and inTENse are light and fun roll & write games for infinite players! In Spell Write your objective is to score 2-4 letter words to score, and inTENse your objective is to create sums of 10 to score. Both games are available in dry erase as well as print and play.
Other games available to play are either fully finished (but not yet self-published) or prototypes by Q4ia. They include Right Card in the Write Place, Alux, Rollidence, Rollbot, Looptown Mayor, Stars Across, Thieves, Avalanche, and Dice Adventures.
3Pathfinder/ Starfinder Quests TableFullH5PFS
Check out the Publishers website! Check out the Publishers website!
3Valor & Villainy - Antagonists ArsenalFullG01James
Local Designer 1-6 Heroes Work together to try to foil the schemes of evil wizard Mordak in this brand new cooperative expansion for Minions of Mordak.
3Giant Rush and BashFullGR37Kirby
Rush & Bash - upscaled to play with real Hot Wheels Cars. Missiles, bombs, powerups... It's like Mario Karts: the Board Game - Check out BGG
3We're DoomedFullGR39Cherry
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17 games in this slot, thanks to all of our GMs for making Game-iToba such a great place to try new games

Please note, Game-iToba is a volunteer event and of course things do come up, events may be rescheduled or cancelled at short notice, we will try to notify you by email should that be the case but it may not be possible.

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